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We Are One District,
Therapy that works for you.

At One District Therapy we specialize isn your emotional wellbeing by providing a modern, friendly and supportive approach to therapy.

Let’s Talk.

One District Therapy is a group of experienced, well-intentioned, socially conscious (responsible), therapists who are invested in your wellbeing. Whatever your needs, our compassionate team (of therapists) all have one goal…. helping you reach your ideal state of emotional health.  We have tailored solutions to help you achieve your personal goals, and we’re with you every step of the way

“Here, you’re not alone, we are in this together”

At One District Therapy, you’re not the only one working towards change. We are too.  Our mission is to provide high quality therapy with a purpose.  We believe mental health is not just an individual process.  It’s a collective one.  We’re going our part:

“We are One District”

We understand that we can’t be fully well if our community isn’t well.  We have a goal of promoting community wellness through our One District Therapy Project.

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